Searching Secret Stories

I believe that it is of vital importance to create forums where people can meet each other
and tell stories. Through such an exchange we get to know each other – and the very act
of sharing stories creates understanding and insight. Diversity is reality.

Searching Secret Stories is a combination of performance and research. Using a intimate and
maybe a secret forum as a base, it is possible to investigate places by collecting stories, dreams and hopes from those who are familiar with them. When people visit the secret forum, something magical happens: Through the exchange of stories we get to know each other and each other’s lives. The rooms create the setting for exchange and becomes a secret island of intimacy where the guests can generously share their lives.

Places are nothing without the people living there – cities gain meaning from their inhabitants,
and I am looking for that meaning.
Searching Secret Stories was part of Metropolis in 2007 and 2008. Metropolis is KIT’s – Københavns Internationale Teaters (Copenhagen International Theatre) – festival for urban art and culture in the city space.